A journey in Fjell Norway

                 Lillehammer – Jotunheimen – Rondane  

Fjell Norway: the feeling of freedom and wellnes in a pure way!  Mountains are everywhere in the world. High and magnific, wherever you go. But also with unreachable tops. In Fjell Norway every top may give you a peak experience.

Think about the possibilty to climb Galdhøpiggen, the highest top of whole Northern Europe. You may fix it, even when you are not used to climb such high mountains.Thats the fun of Fjell Norway: de experience is counting: the fun of being close to the mountains and the great nature. On your trip you’ll see a lot of plants and animals, you have never seen before. You even get a bit of the Artic live. And what to think about a moskus or moose safari.

You’ll breathe fresh air and even drink the water out of the nature itself. Close you eyes and you smell the real air and you hear the total silence. Fjell Norway from its best side. And of course you come with your whole familie, like the Norwegians do. The enyoy together. In the best way.

And when you prefer the water the adventures are at least as great. Rafting in one of the many strong streaming rivers or kajakking in the silent water, even near the mighty ice of a glacier. And when you like fishing: you are on the right spot. The water is amazing.

Enjoying nature is moving in many ways: walking, cycling or driving on a horse. In a quite way you see the surroundings passing by. Nice is also the Norwegian culture you will see on your trip: the famous stavchurches, the old houses and the many home made 

Talking about visiting Fjell Norway: you driver on modern and well scaped roads. In smooth swing tou get a continue presentation of changing landscapes. On the special national tourist roads you get additional information on the parking places, but a lot of unforgettable views. 

The area of Lillehammer is a nice starting point for all kinds of experiences in the Norwegian mountain. In this cosy littl;e town you can eaven by everything you need for your trip. And be sure: you will be surrounded by Norwegians who like to do the  same as you: enjoying and feel free. Once in Fjell Norway will bring you here back again.

Fred Geers,
Changed   12/22/2010  

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